Cester plakat


Milk Stout

6.7% ABV

22 IBU|

Guys, no need to shorten Manchester to Chester, there's already a town called Chester

To wrap up 2017, we wanted to make a real winter special, but also a little experiment. It's been too long since we've made a beer focused on malts, so we decided to make a special beer for winter days: Milk Stout, with up to 5% ABV, medium-bodied, with added CHESTNUT! It seemed like a great idea until we realized that the whole process of adding chestnut to beer is a major pain in the ass! First of all, chestnuts are hard to peel. Second, after peeling you have to make a puree, and then you have to bake that puree (Thank you Retro Pizza). This is followed by adding the mixture to the brew. And when you add it during the mashing phase, the straining of sweet wort can be a real nightmare. Of course it was.

Eventually, instead of the expected Milk Stout with 4,4 % ABV, you get Red Ale with 6,7% ABV. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Čester! :)

Style Milk stout
Hops Magnum
Availability Seasonal (winter)

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